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Chinese Language User Guide

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Hi All,
We have just received our new EOS 60D camera with the 18-55mm lens included. This is our first ever foray into the world of DSLR. My wife is Chinese, and since English is her second language it would be much easier for her to learn about the camera and how to use it if the user guide was available in Chinese. Anyone know if it's available and where I can find it? I've tried Google but cannot come up with anything.


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    @liontamer, I also posted this question onto a Facebook page and got an answer from Jatin Thakur: 60D TC_WM.pdf

    From there I was able to download the same guide in PDF format but written in traditional chinese. Now my wife will just have to read and understand! It still even has the same page count as the English version which surprised me. This also means I don't need to have Chinese fonts installed. I do appreciate your help on this and hope someone else can also get some help from these posts.
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