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18-270mm Lens versus 18-300mm Lens

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Just wanted to find out which lens, between the 18-270mm and 18-300mm, is multi-purpose and the best value for my money.


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    What do you like to shoot? I've seen good reviews on the 18-200mm which will reach to 300mm on your DX camera. However, good is relative. I've read good things for an all purpose lens as in it does all things good but not one thing spectacular. A lens that has to perform on all ends of the spectrum will have to sacrifice some quality across the board in order to do everything so to speak. Perhaps consider a small prime lens for closer things like the 35mm and then something mid to long like a 55-200mm for reach. There are too many options to write them all, but a lot depends on your preference, what you photograph, and of course budget.
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    Thanks for the reply @Adelphos. I want to have a lens that can pretty much function in every mode like landscape, portrait and buildings near and far.

    I have a 35mm lens which is superb and also a 70-300mm, but the problem is changing the lens all the time. I also have a 18-55mm kit lens.
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    There is so much preference that goes into all of this that it is hard to advise anyone without just telling them what I would do.

    If you want an all in one lens without having to change lenses or carry others around, I would definitely go for the 18-200mm or maybe even the 18-300mm.

    I prefer to have different lenses for different jobs. I have a prime lens for normal shooting, a zoom lens for the long stuff and a wide angle lens for the landscapes/architecture/creative stuff.

    It would really help to borrow or rent some lenses and play with them for a bit and get a feel for what you like best.
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    Thanks for your reply. I will definitely try to rent one before buying, which makes more sense.
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