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Strobe Light Kit Problem

edited February 2013 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
I recently bought a strobe light kit for my 60D (see here). I figured out that it won't work without a PC sync adapter (see here), so I bought it as well.

The system works as the kit fires for the test button, but when I want to set the external flash the camera says that it it not compatible or it is turned off. Is it possible? These lights are professional and I cannot believe I can't use it with the 60D. Any suggestions? Has anybody used a Canon 60D with strobe kit? Please help, I just spent a lot of money on it and I can't get it to work.


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    I just got my friends' Calumet 3 light system to work with my Canon 60D and Vello PC adapter by just turning off the live view! Who knew?! And thank you, Lord! I was testing it by photographing myself in live view with my Vello Freewave Fusion wireless flash trigger and the flashes went off, but did not contribute to the exposure. Then I started over again. I attached the Vello hot shoe PC adapter (with Canon prong pattern contacts) to the camera, plugged in the main light with the cord, turned off live view and then it worked. I was tearing my hair out, but I am feeling much better now!
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    I twisted the PC plug to get the wire to hang nice out of the receptacle in the Vello PC sync adapter and the peg came unglued from the cylinder. The next time I used it, the peg fell inside the adapter. I unscrewed the 4 screws and pushed it back through the cylinder of the receptacle, but I had to apply back pressure on it to get it to connect to the PC cable plug. The glue is not enough. I will have to rig something inside to keep the peg from falling inside again, so don't twist the cable plug while its attached to the receptacle!
    A side note: I had a photo store employee (yes, stores do still exist) show me a ProMaster adapter and the whole plug, wires and all, pulled out of the adapter by a cable plug.
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    And yes, my fix will not include anything conductive.
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