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Indoor Video Settings With Bright Lighting

Switching from a camcorder to a Canon T3i is so different!
Since getting a Canon T3i, filming videos in a room with lots of bright lighting (using plain old light bulbs) in front of me against the wall and to either side, my videos always turn out yellow and somewhat blurry (after uploading to computer). I've spent hours looking at tutorials with no luck. I had the same setup with my old camcorder and the videos were perfect and never yellow.

What is the trick!? I am only filming myself sitting in a chair, talking to the camera, against a wall.
Please tell me what settings I need to set this camera to!
Bless you.


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    Any computer monitor or small HDTV with either an HDMI or an RCA input jack will do. The T3i films in HD, but the resolution of the signal that goes to the monitor is SD. However, that's still good enough of a signal to help tremendously with focusing.

    I'm searching and but I can't seem to find it.
  • Thanks, amigo.
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    I returned my camera and got a T4i instead, as I understand it has autofocus. Will the same info you gave me work with the T4i too or is anything different? Thanks for your help!
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    Did you ever film your video settings?
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    Hi @janesmith,

    The info I gave you will also work as-is on the T4i, which is a very nice camera. At the time I purchased the T3i, the price difference between the T3i and the T4i was too important relative to the incremental improvements of the T4i (touch screen, faster Digic 5 processor, basic autofocus in movie mode), so I chose to save on the camera body and put the money on better lenses.

    I rented the T4i for a long weekend last summer. I liked the touch screen a lot. It's responsive, and modifying the settings is faster (for me) on the touch screen.

    I tried the autofocus while filming and it was a little hit and miss for me. Sometimes, while tracking a moving subject (someone walking), the autofocus would hunt a little bit, and the focusing would take too much time for my liking. This is unacceptable for the type of films I have in mind (amateur short films). Also, since I am always using manual focus when filming, the lack of proper autofocus in video mode of the T3i was not a deal breaker for me.

    I would be very interested in your impressions of the T4i's autofocus in video mode.

    No I did not film my settings. I would need two cameras in order to do that, but someone else did. Check out the video demonstration on the following page:

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