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Slow Shutter

edited January 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Hello, I recently owned a Nikon D3000. When using my D3000 the shutter speed was really fast. For instance if I was taking pictures of a bunch of kids in AUTO mode, I could get tons of pictures very fast.

I upgraded and bought the D5100. I got it home this evening and took a few pics and the shutter speed is slow. It's set to AUTO mode, (just like I used my D3000) and there is a second click you have to wait on before continuing snapping.

In other words I want to be able to take pictures fast! I use this stuff for personal use, and I have no clue on camera settings. Any advice? As I mentioned above I know nothing about the settings because I only use it for personal usage!



  • edited January 2013
    I assume when you say "shutter speed is slow", you actually meant shutter lag. Check your release mode settings. Go into the camera's menu, select custom, and open d4:Exposure Delay Mode; make sure it's turned off.

    If you're shooting in Live View, there'll be significant shutter lag associated with that mode.
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