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Settings for Continuos Video

edited January 2013 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I can only record for about twelve minutes and then I get a message saying, "This video recording has been automatically stopped." I have changed every setting that I can find. I am shooting with a 32GB SD Card so memory was not the issue.


  • The recording will stop when the file size reaches 4GB, which turns out to about 12 minutes of 1080p footage. Apparently it's a limitation of the FAT32 filesystem these cameras use. Press record again and you'll be able to film up to another 4GB file, and so on until your SD card is full. The T4i goes up to 30 minutes apparently.
  • FAT32 can't handle or transfer any single file over 4GB.
  • edited May 2013
    Put MagicLantern on the T2i and you can record continuously. It will auto-restart the recording process in a new file. However, there is usually a 4 second or so miss of video while it restarts.

    You can also use MagicLantern with the HDMI out to get a clean video out of uncompressed video. Only downside is it's 1620x1080, which you'll need to crop and resize a little bit to get full 1920x1080, or you can just downsize for 720p and go that route for great clean uncompressed 720p video. Of course, you'll need an HDMI recorder like the Black Magic Shuttle 2 ($345, plus SSD drives to record on), or the Atomos ($1000+), but the quality is unsurpassed. The Shuttle records to DNxHD 220mbps which is broadcast/movie quality. You'll then need a bit beefier machine to work with the video.
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