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Remote control

edited December 2012 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
If I buy Nikon ML-L3 for my D5100 do I need to have Nikon MC-DC2 as well even if infrared censors have both sides of the camera?


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    The ML-L3 is wireless and MC-DC2 is not. You use ML-L3 for wireless remote operation of shutter from a distance for self portraits or macro.

    Where as the MC-DC 2 is just a cord release shutter cable which is useful when you don't want to touch the camera for shake.

    Both the infrared sensor works only with ML-L3.
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    I haven't been able to make my remote work. Is there some setting to use?
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    Of course there are settings. Press the I button and with the arrows navigate to the release mode and hit OK. Select delayed remote or quick-response remote, then hit OK. Now the remote has to work.
    If you want to use your on-camera shutter button again, please follow the above mentioned steps, but you have to change the release mode to single frame (which has an S symbol).

    You can also change the time for the infrared sensors to be active. You can do this by pressing the menu button, then choose custom setting menu (hit OK). Search for timers/AE lock (hit OK). Search for remote on duration (hit OK). Here you can change up to 15 minutes. The longer the time, the longer the sensors on your camera will be activated, but you lose more battery power.
    Hope this will help.
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    Thanks @szlaszlo07! Yes, you need to change settings as described.
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    Check out the Phottix Strato wireless flash triggers. They function as an off camera flash trigger, but they also come with a slave cable that plugs into your GPS (labeled) sync port on your camera. This works using radio technology and not infrared. I own two sets, one for flashes and one for remote triggering the camera. They are cool because you can hold the trigger button halfway down to focus, just like the shutter button on the camera.

    The ML-L3 works great, but I have had much better luck with the radios, especially outside!
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    @statuswest - Thanks for sharing. :)
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    Is the Nikon ML-L3 remote control for the D5100 that is for sale on Amazon for £8.99 the real thing, or is it just an after market copy?
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