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No Auto Focus or Image in Live View Mode

edited December 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I’ve had a T2i for a couple of years now and I borrowed my granddaughters T2i to complete a shoot requiring two cameras. However, in Live View mode, the half press of the shutter button to auto focus then take a picture will not work. The camera just goes ahead and takes a shot with a half press of the shutter button no matter how out of focus the subject is, but does not produce an image (no auto focus or image taken in live view mode). In viewfinder mode, the auto focus works and an image is taken. Also, video can be taken in Live View mode.

I have my own T2i configured differently using Magic Lantern and may have overlooked a setting in Canon's native menu on my granddaughter's T2i that has disabled Live View mode, or there's a glitch with the camera.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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