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18-135mm Lens Versus the 70-300mm Lens

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I recently got a Canon 60D and I'm still trying to figure it out! When I bought it, it came with a 18-135mm and 70-300mm lenses. I've been using the 18-135mm mostly. Could you tell me the differences between these two lenses and what kind of shots I should use each one for? Thanks in advance!


  • It depends on how large or small your subject is and how far away from it you will be. The 18-135mm is more of a general purpose lens, while the 70-300mm is good for outdoors and sports. Note that you have an overlap of 70 to 135mm, but that's no big deal.
  • Okay thanks! Would the 70-300mm lens be better for outdoor people portraits then?
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    @v_k - It will work but you will need room. I have taken some very good images with mine when I was about 15m from my subject. You will just need to step back and have a good firm hold.
    Good Luck!

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    I have the same two lenses and they both work very well. I use the 18-135mm mostly, because it gets in there very close but is also great for group shots. However, I love to use the 70-300mm for those far away shots like kids going down hills on their snowboards in the park. For those I use the really fast speeds or the tripod.
    Enjoy, kethone
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