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HD Video Settings During the Day in Low Light

edited November 2012 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I have a Nikon 18-55mm with a Nikon 35mm lens. I am trying to make a video, but can't find an optimum setting for the video.
During day time when panning from a sunny area to shaded one it just takes a while and it's not a smooth transition. How can I keep all the area bright during low light (like inside the house it's too dark)? When I try to play it back in the 1080p TV it's too noisy. Can anyone suggest an optimum setting which can be used during the day and also for low light night video?


  • edited December 2012
    Anyone please. I am planning to take a video at my son's school play and I'm trying to use a Tamron 70-300mm lens because of the length from the stage. The video appears dark inside the room with fluorescent light.
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