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Error 70 Message

edited October 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hi! I recently just bought a Canon T2i second hand from somebody. Today I was messing with the Canon Live Shoot feature on my computer to see how the image quality was on my computer. After about 10 minutes of using I closed the program, unplugged my camera, and saw that it said Error 70, Power On and Off or Re-install Battery.

Tried that, but nothing has happened.

I noticed my battery was a bit hot as well. Why is this happening? I need to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Currently put the body and lens in bag and battery is charging and cooling. Should I give it a few hours or even a day to cool off? Will cooling it off fix the problem?


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    It's been a few hours and I Just put the battery back in. Still nothing.

    Tried flashing the firmware; still nothing.

    Help please, this is very stressful.
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    You mentioned that you bought your camera second-hand. Have you checked that your battery is a bona-fide Canon battery? Canon's website has the details to help you identify genuine Canon batteries. It may be an understatement, but all batteries are not created equal. I have read some horror stories about so-called compatible batteries getting so hot in use that they have melted the internal plastic.
    Just as an aside, using liveview actually makes the sensor run hotter, so care has to be taken not to overdo it.
    Hope this helps. If not I hope you find a solution soon.
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    It is a genuine Canon battery. I just got back from work and since 9PM last night it has been sitting and cooling. It is now 4 and it is still giving me error 70.

    What's going on? Anything else to do?
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    Do you have a spare SD card? Sometimes a malfunction with the memory card can cause Error 70. Check that the right protect tab is pushed up (off). If you don't have a spare card, go to the menu and select release shutter without card and enable this option. Does your camera work now? Don't forget to reset the above to disable as this provides a handy reminder that a card is not inserted.
    Try rubbing the contacts of the card lightly on a leather belt, this will clean them without damage. Look inside the card slot and see if there are any obstructions. Give the slot a gentle blow with a camera blower, not your breath.
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    I have a spare SD card, and I've tried my other smaller one as well. The protect tab is pushed off on both of the SD cards. I will try the leather belt method right now.

    Still nothing. Error 70. Please, any other ideas?
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    OK, time to get drastic.
    1) Remove your lens and select C (user mode). Does your camera work?
    2) If yes, switch off and then select CA mode. Switch on. Does it work now?
    3) If yes, then rotate mode dial to P,AV,TV or M without switching off. Is it working now?
    4) If yes, enter the menu and under the spanner tab choose clear camera settings. Switch off and then on again. Is it working?

    If these steps do not work, take a deep breath, count to ten and then have a good cussing session. Won't make the camera work but might help you!
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    I do not see a C mode. I have a Canon T2i.
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    My apologies, I was thinking of a 60D. Jump to step 2 and try it from there.
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