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Looking To Buy A New Lens

edited October 2012 Posted in » Nikon Lens Talk
I am starting to learn more about my Nikon D5100. I love to take close ups and portraits of people; they are pretty much the only things I enjoy taking pictures of. I read somewhere that with a lens with lower aperture capability I can take nicer pictures, but I have no clue what types of lenses there are, much less what kind I should get. Anyone care to help me out?

Also, I like to take pictures with a lot of depth and focus, mostly in bright light but also in dim lit rooms. I'm looking for something that will let me take smooth, bright and still pictures with a lot of color. Thanks!


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    Hi, the dim lit rooms closes the door on most 4-5.6 F stop lenses. A very versatile lens and pretty affordable lens that I use a lot is a Sigma 18-250 1:3.5-6.3 macro lens. In most cases, you can put this lens on and rarely need to take it off! It has a great range;18-250mm can cover a lot of territory, not to mention the fact that it does very well in close up macro situations. Also, since its not a 2.8 or lower lens, it's a 1000.00 less, so the cost won't put you in the poor house. I hope you give it a look.
  • Thought about a prime with f/1.8?
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