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Recommended Lenses

edited October 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I currently have the Canon EOS Rebel T2i with both the 18-55mm and the 55-250mm lenses. I was at an air show last weekend and found the limitations of the 55-250mm lens. My daughter and I are going to Europe next summer for three weeks and I would like to have a bigger telephoto. Can you recommend one that is fully compatible with the T2i that won't break the bank? Does something like this exist? Also, what about under the 18-55mm lens? What are my options there?


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    Hi there,
    Canon and Sigma have a 70-300mm zoom lens. The specs are almost the same and both have their trade offs but essentially deliver similar results. You would need to consider carrying a tripod if using either at the 300mm end. The Canon retails in England for about £450 and the Sigma slightly cheaper at around £370. As for wide angle the most popular choices seem to be either the Canon 10-22mm ( not cheap ) or the Tamron equivalent.
    However, may I suggest that as a travel lens, the Tamron 18-270mm pzd ( 29-432mm on the T2i ) is hard to beat. It is small, light and delivers good results. I have one myself and really appreciated not having to lug around two or three lenses during my recent three week trip to Italy.
    As a byword, I'm sorry you were disappointed with your 55-250mm as I consider it to be quite an underrated lens. I would probably choose it over the Tamron if I was wanting to use anything over the 55mm end.
    Best regards,
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    I have the same two lenses plus the 50mm f/1.8. I really would like to use the 18-135mm in place of my 18-55mm and just ditch the 55-250mm telephoto (or use only for sporting events or something like that).

    On vacation I needed to be able to zoom in and out to get the shot I wanted, so the 50mm stayed in the bag almost the entire time. The 18-135mm would have given me that extra zoom compared to the 18-55mm I needed for some shots. I would have felt comfortable without the 55-250mm had I owned the 18-135mm.

    That would honestly be my suggestion, but it sounds like you need something with more zoom than the 55-250mm.
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