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Canon T2i Auto Focus Issue

edited October 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I have had my Canon T2i for a couple of years and just recently I noticed a problem with the auto-focus. It seems like the camera cannot decide on a focal point. The focus is constantly moving foreground and then background. Any suggestions?


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    Mine T2i does that too! I figured it was because I'm such a newbie at this and had something set wrong, but I kept trying with different settings and still had the same issue. My camera and lens are brand new, just out of the box four days ago, so I'm pretty certain it's a user error. I'm new to the forum and it looks like a great resource for beginners.
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    I have had mine for a couple of years too. I have noticed this but I have always thought that it gives you options on what you want to focus on. Here is an example. Your daughter is holding a flower and a teddy bear. If you hold the button down half way the focal point will hit her face and the teddy bear. Say you wanted it on her face and the flower, not the teddy bear. Release the button and push down again and the points will change. Hopefully landing on her face and the flower and if not then release and push again.

    I may be totally wrong! I am definitely still a newbie even after two years, but this is what I have always used the moving focal point for!

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    I focus on what I want it to, then switch the lens to MF (Manual Focus) and move the camera to make my composition. Then I take my picture. It is a bit complicated but it works!

    I'm a user of the Canon T2i for three weeks.
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    What AF points do you have chosen (all of them, center one only)? I notice that I don't change the AF points after taking portraits and when I try and take pictures of ducks through the trees in my backyard it will focus on the tree and not the duck behind it. Been a T2i user since they came out and I love it!
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    Check your AF point selection, you might have it under automatic. If not, check your drive mode, it may be set to AI Servo or AI focus.

    If you're shooting a stable subject, make sure that you use Manual AF point selection and one shot AF.

    You might want to try back-button focusing as well.
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