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Very White And Blurry Photos

edited September 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I played around with the white balance one night to prepare for the next day's event. I got to the event and every picture I took is totally out of whack. I did the reset to defaults for the white balance, but nothing is working. The pics are blurry and very white; even shots taken in shade or indoors. I have tried all sorts of ISO, f-stop and shutter speeds and it only gets worse.

Help! I know I am an amateur, but what did I do to mess it up so royally? I have gone back to my Canon Powershot because I can always trust it to pull through.

Thanks for the advice in advance.


  • edited September 2012
    I had a problem with white balance and then I found that I was not setting the white balance, I was only selecting it. So now, if I had your problem, I would make sure that I was on a P, Tv, Av or M on wheel on top of my camera. Next go to WB on the camera wheel by the screen and select AWB and set it by clicking the set button on the camera wheel by the screen. I hope that this helps.
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