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Shutter Speed Confusion

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Mr. Moose and friends,

I somewhat get Aperture and ISO, but boy am I confused with shutter speed. I recently bought a Canon 60D with the 18-135mm lens. Say I set a shutter speed of 200 and take a picture and then pull up the data/specifications. The shutter speed shows up as 1/13 or a shutter speed of 250 shows as 1/10. So what is the corelation I wonder or am I missing something here?

Any advice or suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thank You.



  • I think, from your other post, you are shooting in P mode. This means when you are turning the dial, you are adjusting the ISO not the shutter speed. The camera is selecting the shutter speed.

    This is a link that might help. It has video tutorials that you can download and then even put on an SD card and watch on your camera!
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    Dear Withns,

    Thanks for the reply and the useful link. This just doesn't happen in P mode it also happens when shot in AF mode.

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    Hi Skysss,

    When you say AF mode, I am assuming you mean Av mode. This is when you choose the aperture with the top dial and the camera again chooses the shutter speed.

    If you want to choose the shutter speed, you either have to be in manual (M on the dial) or Shutter Priority (Tv on the dial)

    Also, these topics you might find helpful:

    I hope you find this and the links helpful.
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    Dear Withns,

    Now I realize that I have been asking a really dumb question. Sorry for repeatedly talking about it and thank you for patiently answering it again. So, in manual mode I have to get the aperture, shutter speed and ISO of my choice, right?
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    Hi skysss,

    The only dumb question is the one you don't ask!

    Yes, if you want to be able to adjust all three then you will need to be in manual mode.

    Enjoy using and exploring your camera.
  • @withns - Very well put. You are a super person and love your work by the way. I've checked out the links you have posted on here.

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    Thank you very much for you kind words.

    It's great to come to a forum where everyone is helping one another without being worried about being shot down by egos.
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    Hi Withins,

    Thanks for encouraging to ask questions. I like your quote. I'll remember that.

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    The actual quote I normally give is, there is no such thing as a silly question, but the answer on the other hand!
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    Thanks @withns.
    All answers are very useful to me. Recently I bought a Canon 60D and tried to solve the shutter speed problem. I hope it's okay now. If I have this problem again I will ask you. :)
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    All truly in the spirit of Moose's original concept for this forum!
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