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Best lenses for bokeh effect

edited March 2012 Posted in » Nikon D3100 Forum
Hi Moose! I just treated myself to the Nikon 3100. I've had compact digital cameras (including a bridge camera) and the pictures have always been good, 'but' they lack the blurred background effect that you can only seem to get with a slr camera hence my purchase this week.

I opted for the kit rather than the camera body as I understand the 18-55mm DX lens is meant to be a good all rounder. I mainly take pictures of my grandchildren and scenery. I'm not into wildlife or anything like that, so I need a lens which will give a lovely soft background and make the pictures of my grandchildren stand out more.

I did have a slr camera 30 years ago, but have forgotten everything I ever picked up from then. Thats what compacts do...they make you lazy and forgetful. :) I am also watching the pennies these days so a reasonabley priced lens would be practical any advice would be very welcome thank you.


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  • Hi Moose, thanks for getting back to me, I shall certainly look into the suggested lens, there seems to be so many these days and they can be confusing which fit and which work well, I don't mind moving about where possible but I have walking dissabilities so am a little slower these days but I love photography and it's always well worth it when you get that perfect shot where the subject looks as those it's raised above everything else,it just stands out, thanks again.
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