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Best books for the 60?

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Has anybody read this or seen reviews on this book? It's the only 60D day specific book my local B.A.M. has on the shelf:

Your World 60D - The Still Photographer's Guide to Operation And Image Creation by Douglas Klostermann


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    I don't know the book you are referring to, but in my honest opinion, the manual that came with your camera is one of the best guides to the operation with hints and tips thrown in. You will find many posts on these forums where the answer has been "look at page xxx of the manual". People just do not take the time to read it, probably because their mindset is it can't be any good if it is supplied with the camera.
    I would spend time with the manual and spend my cash on a book such as The Digital Picture which is more about improving technique. There are many such books available.
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    Hi speedfreak,
    I agree with PBked. The manual that came with your camera is very informative. With saying that, I must tell you that David Busch's Canon EOS 60D is a great book packed full of useful info and it is an easy read book.
    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the replies. I have been reading my manual, I have just heard people talk about these amazing specialty books and thought I'd get opinions on which are best. I've only been digital for a year now and I have a lot to learn.
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    Hi speedfreak,
    You have asked a million dollar question. All of us want that special book; a very special book which will teach us the easiest way to understand the camera and the way to handle the beast we love and own.
    We all need it.
    We all love to have that magic lamp.
    Is it available?
    Yes, it's available. As PBked has referred it's the manual book supplied along with the camera.
    It's the best book. Read the manual carefully, it's important. I have downloaded one pdf file to my smartphone of this manual and when ever I have time in the day I make it sure I read at least two to three pages daily. It unfolds new secrets which you will understand by trial and error.
    Keep shooting, keep reading, and keep learning.


    Rajeev Moudgil
  • I agree with the post above. You should look to get yourself a copy of the book by David Busch.
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    I have David Busch's Canon EOS 60D, and it is a very good guide, but I prefer the book over the manual. The manual is too summarized and I don't understand it. I definitely recommend David Busch's Canon EOS 60D.
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    The Canon 60D for dummies is very good and spells it out step by step; even I can understand it.
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    I agree that the manual is very good. However, I bought a book by Nicole S. Young called "Canon EOS 60D, From Snapshots to Great Shots" and I thought the book was excellent. Check it out at your local book store.
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    I'm new to this camera but the last one I used was an original digital Rebel, about 12 years old. I shoot mostly in AP but try to use manual as much as time allows. I have a custom setting to help with saturation and sharpness, but otherwise don't use the built in program settings much. I don't like not being able to control the ISO setting. Thanks a lot for the info guys. I just wanted a jumpstart since this is my first real digital SLR.
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