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Macro Photography

edited September 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I'm looking at doing some macro photography of small electronic devices, connectors, PC board layouts, etc. with a T2i.

There seems to be a few options for lenses and adapters. I have been looking at the Raynox DCR250 and also the Canon EF-S 60mm 2.8 lens solutions. I am more confused than ever.

One of my concerns (could be chalked up more to understanding) of the lens product I will use is the ability to take both narrow and deep depth of field shots. There will be times where I will need to focus on a component that might be 2-inches long, and want the focus to be there on the full length of the device, or on a printed circuit board layout, populated with components that could be 3-inches square.

With a narrow depth of field (which most of the solutions I have seen would handle very well), I would get a nice clean show of a portion of the scene, but the rest of the image would be blurred (which is nice, but not the effect I am looking for). I really need the whole desired image to be in focus.

I don't want to drop a bundle on a lens solution, but also would consider purchasing good reliable clean solution. The Raynox looks like an interesting product to start with, but I could not determine if a wide depth of field was even possible with it.


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