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Won't Turn On, Don't Know Why..

edited August 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum

I got my Canon T2i two Christmas' ago and loved it. I have taken decent care of it (usually when not in use it's in a bag, case, or somewhere safe). However, last week I had set it on the counter and my parrot happened to walk down off his cage and walked over to my camera. A few moments later, I hear him making sounds and when I came out to the living room he was chewing on my camera.

Luckily, there is minimal cosmetic damage, almost none at all. The only thing wrong is that it won't turn on. It's crazy! I have looked for damage or reasoning, but found nothing. I charged the battery, but still it won't turn on. It's lifeless, and I'm sad and confused.

Moose, what should I do?

Thank you,
Natalie S.


  • edited August 2012
    Does the red light near the memory card door flash when you turn on the camera?

    If not, maybe try to buy a new battery?

    If it does flash, have you tried to plug it into your computer and see if it sees your camera?

    Otherwise, I hope you bought an extended warranty. :(
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