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Flexible Program Mode

edited August 2012 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Hi, I just got my D5100 a few weeks ago and I have a question about the flex program mode. In the manual on page 62 it said that you can choose different combinations of shutter and aperture by rotating the command dial. I see the P* when turning the dial but dont see any setting changing. How do you know what the aperture and shutter are set to each time you change the dial?

Thanks for any info.


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    I tried to reproduce your problem on my camera, but each time I turn the command dial I can see the aperture and shutter speed change on the LCD screen.
    Maybe you have changed something obscure in the menus. You could try resetting everything and see what happens. Otherwise, I can only think it's a fault with the camera.
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    Hi, having just bought my D5100 a couple of days ago I am having exactly the same problem as the shadow (I'm not seeing my aperture and shutter settings change when I turn the dial).
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Move the camera to a brighter light source and you will see the aperture change as you are changing the shutter speed. If there is not enough light it won't change. You can also set up ISO sensitivity settings to Hi2 as maximum sensitivity so that there will be more options for you.
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    I think you have to press the shutter release half way down then turn the dial. Nothing seems to happen when the flash is popped up.
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    In P mode, you only have to rotate the command dial to the left or right. The aperture/shutter speed has to change. I agree with gaz007. While the flash is up in P mode, on my camera the shutter speed is 1/60 all the time, and it doesn't change while I'm rotating the command dial. So don't use the flash in P mode if you want to change the settings, or instead use it in the other modes (Aperture, shutter priority).
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