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Camera bag recommendations for a female novice photographer

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Hi there! I just received a D5100 yesterday (my first DSLR, yippee) and I'm wondering what everyone recommends for a non-bulky, lightweight case? I ordered the Case Logic SLRC-205 sling bag and I'm hoping that will be perfect. However, I'm so used to plopping my Canon G11 in my purse and heading out the door that I'm wondering if I should also look for a case that is even smaller in addition to the Case Logic. Thanks!


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    You can also opt for a Pelican ProGear U160 camera backpack. These are large waterproof, crushproof cases that protect cameras and other sensitive equipment. Get details at
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    I love my Dolica Bag, Dolica DK-20 Medium Travel Camera Backpack (Black). I have had it for 3 years and carry it all over; I made it my "man purse". I carry 2 cameras (one small Nikon 9100 Travel superzoom camera), 3 lenses, and that's just the bottom compartment. In the top section I carry extra batteries, cables, first aid, and anything for that day/trip. Hook the Dolica tripod on the side.
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