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Family Photos and Settings for a walking baby

edited March 2012 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
What are the best settings for taking pictures of a 'just walking baby' using a Nikon D5100?


  • @JohnPInches - Which lenses do you currently own? And do you have access to a speedlight? This will help me pinpoint some settings to start with. :)
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    Dear Moose, Thanks for your prompt reply. Congratulations for the 'new sack of potatoes'! At the moment I just have the kit lense (18-55mm), but will invest in more lenses in near future. Using mostly 'P' mode and autofocus. No speedlight, just the D5100 flash modes.
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    Hi @Moose - Thank you for your perceptive and thorough reply. I'll follow your advice carefully and perhaps also invest in a Tamron 18-200mm lens recommended by a colleague (+ speedlight). By the way, this comment comes to you from Dalian, China where I teach English. Also a new dad at the grand age of 61. Thank you again for finding time to reply to me. Yours - J.P.
  • @JohnPInches - Glad I could help and congrats on the new bundle of joy. :)
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